Monday, August 4, 2014

Slow Foodies has moved to Wine Country Foodies on Blogger

Sue Pipal and Debbie McAfee
USA, Tahoe and Sonoma, California
Sue lives in Tahoe where the growing season is so short, almost nothing can be grown locally. Debbie lives in Sonoma where the year round abundance is world renown. Sue struggles to find a reasonable supply of delicious fresh food. Debbie literally has fresh food falling out of the trees in her pasture. What do we have in common besides being sisters? We both love to eat. We both love to cook. And we both love to scour the countryside for wonderful fresh produce, home-made cheeses, fresh baked pies, home-pressed olive oils. If this makes your mouth water, this blog is for you. Join us on our adventures with food, fabulous food!

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